Refund policy

At Fungiperfect we are very proud of our products. If, for any reason, something is not right with the purchase you made, our goal is to help you.

Most of the products are composed of perishable live material, so please contact us at as soon as possible, for more guidance/information.

In case the product is contaminated, Fungiperfect will only be responsible if it is communicated to us on the day we receive the order.

According to article 7 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, of 14 February, articles classified as not subject to return due to their perishable nature, in the purchase form, are not subject to return under the terms of the law in force.

If you intend to return an item, you can do so within 14 days of receipt without the need to indicate the reason and without obligation to pay any compensation.

< p>In this case you will have to indicate whether you want to exchange the product for another one or be refunded.

Items that, due to the customer's decision, are returned or exchanged must be in perfect condition, complete, in unopened packaging, properly packed in the original packaging and without any sign of use.

In this case, the return or exchange transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer, who must pack it in a box or in any other way that he considers safe for its transportation.

Consumers have the right to return products in the event of unsatisfactory quality.

The value of the products will always be returned by bank transfer, upon receipt of the product by Fungiperfect and upon return of the product. respective credit note.