Shipping policy

Fungiperfect products are sent via the postal service CTT - Correios de Portugal or by another to be defined on a case-by-case basis.

From the moment of receipt of proof of payment, we will do everything to be as brief as possible.

If we have the product(s) in stock, the order is dispatched within two working days and we estimate that the delivery will be made on the working day after dispatch.

Fungiperfect keeps in production a wide range of Cultures and Mushroom Production Kits, however due to its perishability and biological nature, you may not have some products available when ordering. In these cases, shipping and delivery will take place up to 60 days after ordering.

For more information on the estimated delivery time for your order, contact us ate-mail or by using the phone listed below.

If you need immediate assistance with shipping your order, please call 231 205 374 and we will be happy to provide other shipping options and terms.

For orders over € 100.00 (VAT included), Fungiperfect offers the value of transport for national deliveries.

National deliveries - Continental Portugal

Weight step Price (VAT included)
Up to 2 kg 6,31 €
Up to 5 kg 6,99 €
Up to 10 kg 7,70 €
Up to 15 kg 8,29 €
Up to 20 kg 8,63 €
Up to 25 kg 9,42 €
Up to 30 kg 10,05 €
Up to 40 kg 12,60 €
Up to 50 kg 15,30 €
Up to 60 kg 18,00 €
Up to 70 kg 20,70 €
Up to 80 kg 23,40 €
Up to 90 kg 26,10 €
Up to 100 kg 28,80 €

International deliveries

Weight Scale Price (VAT included)
Up to 20 kg 25,40 €