Isolation of mushroom crops

Isolation of mushroom crops

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Produce your favorite mushrooms.

This service offers you the opportunity to isolate a mushroom culture and have mycelium from that culture available when you want to use it.

We recommend that you visit the Know & Learn section for information on cultivation techniques on composted substrates and stands .

The service consists of the following steps:

  1. Travel to the site to identify the species (symbolic cost 50 € + travel at 0.30 € / km). At this stage, a set of information will be transmitted about the production potential of the species and the most usual ways of doing so. (Decision: do you want to isolate? If yes, we proceed to the next step, if not the service ends);
  2. Collection of individuals of the identified species. For this, Fungiperfect takes suitable equipment for harvesting and transportation (thermal bag and harvest packaging);
  3. Isolation of the species / culture in our laboratories;
  4. Once isolated, the crop is kept in our culture bank exclusively for the client (sending a guarantee certificate with crop identification - BI). For this we will maintain the culture as we do with our pure cultures. Annual peaks and feasibility tests;
  5. After isolation, we produce and send 10 kg of mycelium for production testing by the client;
  6. All subsequent orders for mycelium of this culture will have a 20% discount on the price of mycelium of the same species from our culture bank.

The full service costs € 500 + transport costs at € 0.30 / km (plus VAT at the legal rate in force).