Alcaide Razor
Alcaide Razor

Alcaide Razor

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The Alcaide razor is a tribute to the village of Alcaide, where the best Portuguese gastrofest of mushrooms takes place, as an exercise to dignify, honor and ennoble materials that would otherwise be wasted, resulting in a product environmentally and socially sustainable.

Steel: The blade is made with a cutting saw disc, used in the local industry.
Wood: The handle is made with olive wood obtained from one of three origins: dead trees during the 2017 fires, disease or tree maintenance cuts. NO TREE IS FELLED!

Brush: Made of boar bristles and finished with a polished brass guide, they are brought together in synergy with the local hunter community.

Holster: Made of burel , one of the most popular materials today, is a felt made from woolen wastes.

The knife packaging is made of a solid block of national pine, also serving as gift box, as a cover illustrated with the motifs that outline the concept of the object.